The Holy Synod of Bishops of the Serbian Orthodox Church has directed that the following petitions be inserted into appropriate litanies at Vespers, Matins and the Divine Liturgy:

Into the Great Litany:

For God's mercy upon us, His unworthy servants, that we may be protected from hatred and evil action, that we may have instilled in us unselfish love by which all shall know that we are disciples of Christ and God's people, as were our holy ancestors, so that we may always know to decide for the truth and righteousness of the Heavenly Kingdom, let us pray to the Lord.

For all those who commit injustice against their neighbors, whether by injuring the poor or spilling innocent blood or by returning hatred for hatred, that God will grant them repentance, enlighten their minds and hearts and illumine their souls with divine love even towards their enemies, let us pray to the Lord.

At the Augmented Litany:

O Lord our God, many are our foes that battle against us and say: "There is no help for them from God or man". Stretch forth Your hand to us that we may remain Your people in both faith and works. If we must suffer, let it by in the ways of Your justice and Your truth -- let it not be because of our injustice or hatred against anyone. Let us all fervently say: Lord, have mercy.

Again let us pray to God, the Savior of all humankind, also for our enemies -- that our Lord who loves humanity will turn them away from violence against our Orthodox people, that they not destroy our churches and graves, that they not kill our children or persecute our people, but that they too may turn to the way of repentance, justice and salvation. Let us all fervently say: Lord, have mercy.

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