By the grace of God and with His Grace Bishop Jovan's blessing, we are at long last presenting a new translation of The Prologue from Ohrid.

This version includes not only the Lives of the Saints, but also the Hymns of Praise, Reflection, Contemplation and Homily sections for every day, just as Bishop Nikolai Velimirovic wrote it in the original Serbian text. This first, complete version in English was translated by Reverend T. Timothy Tepsic and Very Reverend Janko Trbovich.

Thank you for your many requests for the Prologue, for your encouragement and for your patience. It is our hope to put another month of the Prologue on the internet each month of this year until it is presented in its entirety.

This internet publication is intended for the private use of people of good will and cannot be copied, published, or used in any other form without the written consent of the Serbian Orthodox Church Diocese of Western America, the copyright owner.


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